Monday, December 20, 2010

South Texas

We are now located in Aransas Pass Texas about half an hour's ride north of Corpus Christi. The whole of south Texas is very flat with long straight roads and very little traffic especially on the side roads. Even Barb was creeping up around 140 kph yesterday on our Breakfast Ride which ended up in Palacios, a rather small town with a huge shrimp fleet. Lots of oil rigs, natural gas wells and wind generators throughout the countryside but despite the wealth that this would bring, there are still many small towns that appear totally run down. First picture is the Cooks Truck at our breakfast spot, the other two pictures are of the water front in the beautiful town of Palacios.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Mississippi to Texas

Beautiful white sand beaches along the Gulf mainland shore of Mississippi. Saw many workers walking the beach looking for globs of oil from the recent BP oil rig explosion. Fish for the table is still in abundance, see picture of our "Shrimp Lady" that was selling fresh table shrimp for $3/pound heads on in Bay St. Louis. Next stop was Baffin Bay, Texas for American Thanksgiving. Also met up with a group of biker friends from the Rio Grande Valley for Sunday Breakfast in Ramondville at the Casa Blanca Restaurant.