Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ride to Sprucedale

Last Sunday's ride turned out to be the RIDE of the YEAR. A quick trip up the highway to Huntsville where we had the first stop at Tim Horton's. From there it was a spirited ride north along Muskoka Road 2 right into the village of Sprucedale for lunch at the only eating place in town. With 13 of us to feed, there's always going to be one of us that gets served last, this week was Darrell's turn who finally received his lunch just as the rest of us had finished. Next leg was west on Muskoka Road 518, another twisty route taking us to just south of Parry Sound, then south on hwy. 69 to Bala, finally riding yet another twisty along Muskoka Road 13 and home. Round trip for me was 350 kms. on some of the best roads we have to offer, must do this trip again for some of you that missed this memorable day.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ride to Bobcaygeon

Last Sunday, with plenty of rain in the forecast, 13 hardy souls left Orillia in light rain which got progressively worse as we neared Bobcaygeon. The Rain Gods looked at our group and saw only one rider with brains enough to put his rain suit on and was reputed to have said, "I'll show you guys".
Coming home we all got smarter by wearing our rain suits, this time the Rain Gods said once again, "I'll show you guys", so yes, we came home on nothing but dry roads.
Arriving in Bobcaygeon, I did look around at our wet and bedraggled group and saw nothing but smiling faces and knew I was riding with the right group. Well done everyone, it was my pleasure to be with you. Thanks also to Blanka for some of the pictures, view more by clicking on the Photo Gallery 2011 over on the right side of the page.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Coldwater Bike Night

Last Tuesday evening had a record number of bikes show up at the Coldwater Bike Night at Midland Recreation in Coldwater. 60 bikes turned out for the weekly ride in and our Chapter members walked away with all three door prizes, congratulations guys. Below are a couple of pictures taken at the Coldwater Seniors Apartments when a cheque for over $1000 was presented to Helping Hands that are located right in the Apartments. The seniors that live here are still talking about all the bikes that arrived for this presentation, your generosity and participation was greatly appreciated by everyone.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Orangeville Show n Shine

Lousy forecast but managed to avoid getting even one drop of rain the entire day. 12 bikes left Orillia picking up two more south of Barrie for the ride to Orangeville. Dark clouds kept most people at home so the turnout for the Show n Shine was pretty dismal, at least we didn't have to lineup for food. Check out that nice old Kawasaki of Jean's, some 30 odd years young and still runs like a new one. Also click on Events & Rides at the right hand side of the page to see our long term ride schedule.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday's Ride to Parry Sound

Despite the gloomy forecast of imminent rain, 19 bikes showed up at Arby's intent on having a great day of riding. The route was north through Bracebridge, Rosseau and on to Parry Sound for a lunch stop in a very crowded fast food area on the outskirts of Parry Hoot. With rain expected soon, we chose to head off south rather than spending some time by the water front. My intention was to keep the rain gear safely packed away, get soaking wet on the next section and love every minute of it. Wouldn't you know it, never saw a drop, although we did see evidence of spoty showers by the damp roads. On through Bala, Gravenhurst to Frenchies Ice Cream stand in Orillia to finish the day in style. Great day, great company.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Coldwater Bike Night

A very successfull night at the Coldwater Bike Night last evening with over 50 bikes showing up for hamburgers and door prizes followed by a slow ride into the Coldwater Seniors Apartments to present a cheque for over one thousand dollars to Heping Hands Coldwater. Many of the residents came out to socialize with the bikers and some to bring back old memories of their riding days. Many thanks to Midland Recreation in Coldwater for organizing this event and collecting funds for this worthwhile charity. Hopefully someone can provide me with some picture to post of this event.

Ride to Kirk Camp

A very special ride put together by Tim Fountain and Pauline to Kirk Camp in Kirkfield. The camp is for children between the ages of 6 and 15 that are diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and various forms of autism. Our Chapter had the pleasure of riding along with members of the Star Riders of Orillia and hopefully new friendships made. Again, more pictures to be found in the Photo Gallery. Only problem we had all day was when Bart Simpson decided to take off and follow a couple of complete strangers from Tim Horton's in Beaverton.

Last Sunday's Chapter BBQ

A huge THANK YOU to Ron and Marsha for opening up their home to us for our annual Chapter BBQ. Lots of door prizes that were donated by Midland Recreation in Coldwater and the Motorcycle Mojo Magazine in Barrie, plus the 50/50 which was won by "Your's Truly". Here are some pictures with lots more by clicking on the Photo Gallery.

More pictures on the Firehall restaurant Ride.

More pictures submitted by Wally of the Coopers Falls Road and the Firehall restaurant Ride.