Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wednesday Ride with a Twist

This past Wednesday evening we were treated to a surprise ride by Ron Hare to Wrico Holstein Dairy farm near Midhurst.
This is scientific dairy farming at it's best. A family run enterprise that is run by computer generated robotics, from automated feeding, milking and cleaning of waste to the occasional back scratch and a water bed to rest on. This is truly a lifestyle that I've been looking for myself and never found yet.
This was most certainly a ride with a twist and something we should try to do more of, so get your collective thinking hats on everyone and come up with more great ideas like this one.

Thanks to Bev and also my Granddaughter Erin for the pictures, many more by clicking on Photo Gallery 2012 on the right side of this page and please try clicking on the "Comment" at the bottom of each post. It's a bit complicated but let me know if you have problems.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fenlon Falls

Some twenty bikes or so turned out on another warm day for a great ride to Fenlon Falls for lunch overlooking the Falls. Many thanks to Brian Ineson for not only suggesting the ride but also arranging for the lunch stop and the reserved seating for 22 members. Best service we've had yet I think. Great job Brian, your efforts are most appreciated. The ice cream stop was fabulous, must do that again soooon.
Being the lead rider on any of our rides is NOT an easy task (ask Brian), however we do encourage other members to volunteer from time to time. Anyone wishing to suggest and/or lead a ride, please check with Steve Shane, our official Ride Captain.
I'm hoping that someone took pictures on this ride, please send them to me to include in this post.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Barrhead Grill

The first attempt at the ride to Markdale for lunch at the Barrhead Grill was thwarted by one rider with a totally dead battery. Second attempt was last Sunday with possible rain showers predicted later in the afternoon and almost another breakdown before we even got off Old Barrie Road. Good news is that the near breakdown was just a Harley cough and the predicted rain showers just didn't happen although the skies over Georgian Bay looked real heavy. Ron lead the ride for all the pretty parts, so thanks Ron and also Wally who took care of our collective butts at the back. More pictures of this ride and all the others by clicking on Photo Gallery 2012 on the right side of this page.
BY THE WAY.... Are you really reading all this stuff, not noticed anyone making any comments. You can do this easily by clicking on the "No Comments" at the bottom of any of the posts. I, for one would really like to see some input here. keep it clean though, please.

Monday, August 13, 2012

4 Big Patches and 1 Little one

5 Hardy Riders took to the road last Sunday in the rain for lunch in Minden. Heading north, the rain stopped before we even cleared Orillia and continued on dry roads for the rest of the day until we neared Orillia again late in the afternoon. Little Patch lost her pen somewhere in the engine at the Bracebridge stop which was eventually fished out with only a couple of choice words when coming into contact with the hot exhaust pipe. Great day, great company.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Gravenhurst Bike Night

Great turnout for a warm summer evening on the warf at Gravenhurst last Wednesday for the weekly Bike Night. Also great to have four lady riders plus two other ladies as passengers joining our group ride. As I've said before, it makes us guys look so much better to have you riding with us. Thanks to Bev for the pictures, great job. Following evening was a bit of a flop as only three riders showed up for the trip down to Port Perry for the Haugan's Bike Night, too bad but will try again later for this ride.