Monday, June 24, 2013

Mississippi weather in Bobcaygeon

Yes, brutally hot day for the Bobcaygeon Bikefest last Sunday. Thanks to Ralph Bradley and the Star Riders for joining our Chapter on this ride, 27 bikes in all. Lots of great looking "Iron" parked along both sides of Main Street along with many vendors selling their wares. Thanks to Ron Hare and the Pilgrim for leading the two groups and also Ron Dumais and Chuck for the pictures. More to see as always by clicking on the Photo Gallery 2013 at the right hand side of this page.


 When did she sign up.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer is just 48 hours away.

Last Wednesday evening saw many of our Chapter turn out for a fabulous ride up Southward Road and around Lake Muskoka including a side trip past Santa's Village in Bracebridge. Weather was perfect although a touch cool by the time I pulled into my driveway just before 10.00 pm. Thanks to Ron Hare that lead the ride and the two Ron's for the pictures. Great job. Not sure what the first picture is trying to "Showcase", TJ's new Harley or those cute riding shoes, great pose though.

Monday, June 17, 2013

More pictures taken on the recent cruise

Here are some more pictures from the cruise from Brian. I'm supposed to bring to your attention my "Red Neck GPS" fitted on my bike. It's the totally wireless model manufactured by Bubba Enterprises Incorporated of Sorrbum, Idaho. Don't laugh, it succeeded in it's mission to totally guide us all the way from Orillia to the Howard Johnson Hotel in Newark New Jersey.

Vintage Motorcycle Rally in Paris

Last Saturday was a perfect day for the ride to Paris for the Annual Vintage Motorcycle Rally. A huge number of British bikes on show from the 60's and 70's with quite a few dressed as Café Racers.
One bike caught my attention, a 1927 Scott that had a sign on it which read "NOT for sale". These motorcycles were liquid cooled 2 cycle engines of 500 cc and 600 cc, quite unusual for those days. Back in the early 60's, I shared ownership of both these models with a friend I had apprenticed with. Our dreams were to modify the 500 cc model for drag racing while the 600 cc model was restored to it's original "Glory" which I had the opportunity to ride immediately before emigrating to Canada in 1964. Below is a picture of the old Scott plus other interesting pictures. To read more about these remarkable motorcycles, click on Thanks also to Brian for some of the pictures. More can be seen in the Photo Gallery Chapter 523-2013.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mid week ride to Penetang

Small but mighty group took to the road last Wednesday evening under quite heavy looking skies. Destination was Dockside Restaurant in Penetang by the water for ice cream, fries or whatever. Then another stop at Timmies in Midland before heading back to Orillia. Turned out to be a real fun evening. Thanks to Brian for the pictures.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Haliburton Ride last Sunday

Perfect weather with 20 members on the road for a great ride along Coopers Falls Road and hwy. 118 to Haliburton for a lunch stop. Due to the "Heads Up" telephone call to the Family Restaurant, they opened up the patio just for our Chapter. Great food, great company. The ride home was through Kinmount and Norland with the final stop for ice cream dessert on West Street in Orillia. What a fabulous day. Thanks to Ron for leading the ride, Wally at the back door, Blanka, Barb and Ron Dumais for the pictures. More to see in the Photo Gallery 2013. Guy behind Ron in the first picture looks like he's taking a real sharp turn or maybe NOT. Whoops.


More pictures of the Collingwood ride.

More pictures just in of the Collingwood Ride two weeks ago. Small group, tons of fun.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Ice Cream Ride

Ice Cream Rides usually end up with ice cream, then there's other times when it's just a memory. Last Wednesday was the latter due to the restaurant not being on summer hours just yet. Oh well, still lots of smiles from our riders. Thanks to Ron Hare for leading the ride again and to Ron Dumais for the pictures.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Last Sunday's Ride

Although the skies looked like they might open up at any minute, the Doppler Radar suggested otherwise and so only four turned up for a really nice ride over to the west side of our area. I had to leave the ride in Cashtown due to a little sleep deprivation but the other three continued on. Small group but just as much fun.