Sunday, October 30, 2016

Banquet Night

Well every one a huge thank you to you all ,for making our year end banquet a great time ! many new faces,riders partners.Raffle,give a ways,the photo tire,great friendship,
cream diving for the birthday drink,with participants Becky smith and Paul Whitehouse
Photos running during the night brought laughs,pointing fingers and some embarrassing moments. The winners of The Purple Seat Award high miler Rob Butson (30,877 K) estimate miler Bram Bosman (with in 129 K) Was a great Year for the Chapter.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Beaver Valley

Thanksgiving Day ride through Beaver Valley to B/V Cidery , The apply orchard , Georgian Winery .Sun filled day cool temp , put all well dressed made for a comfortable ride .

Monday, October 10, 2016

Chapters Activity

Chapters activity over the last weeks of Sept. and the start to Oct. 
a group of members did the Kingston weekender , others followed Biker Brian through the Halliburton area enjoying the ride and stops,Loraine's trip through Algonquin Park  and return by the way of Wilberforce viewing the leaves color through the park was the best that I have ever seen there!  A mid week ride through Lake of Bays and Dorset area to view the leaves and enjoy a great autumn sun filled day

Halliburton Invasion

Halliburton  invasion by a group of 523 members lead by the Washago  Possie  Brian and side kick The Green Victory !  a pleasant ride through the area before and after lunch was enjoyed. Pilgrim took the Fuel Tax Lotto draw ticket # 8353116.