Sunday, January 4, 2015

Start To The 2015 Season

With the weekend motorcycle show at the International Centre , gives us a look into new products , interesting bike builds , displays any thing motorcycling  and groups promoting different riding areas. Along with the chapter monthly winter breakfast made for interesting table taught . Judy Parry had a ballot draw for Seasonal gifts thx. Judy, guest Dave Wark and Collin Wackett  , Dave had  currant Ontario road maps for anyone that wanting one. Colin the chairman for the Huronia Ride for Dad enlighten us on the 10th anniversary.   Mister gadget receives the 5th officers patch and a mono pole for aid in selfie photos.   thxs. to Nancy and Bev. for pics.

                                          SCRC booth

523 manning SCRC booth

                                 receiving 5th officers patch

                                        selfie mono pole