Monday, July 30, 2012

The infamous ride to Markdale

Last Sunday saw another great turnout for our ride to Markdale that never was. OK this is how it started.

as you can see, plenty of bikes a beautiful clear sky and a new lady rider out for her first ride with our Chapter. The first part of the day went very well through Phelpston, New Listowel, Creemore with gorgeous views from the top of the Collingwood Mountains to Singhampton for a fuel stop. This is where our new lady rider's bike said "I QUIT". Particular thanks to Blanka, Keith, Russ and Lesley for staying behind and helping to load the sick bike on the tow truck.

and so endeth the ride to Markdale, maybe next time !!

Rainy Wednesday evening in Kirkfield

The weather forecast for last Wednesday evening was back and forth between rain and overcast with no rain. Well we had both. Still nine hardy souls turned out for a drizzly start from Orillia to the Kirkfield lift lock, from then on to Timmy's at Beaverton and back to Orillia were dry roads.

Monday, July 23, 2012

More pictures taken on the West Montrose Covered Bridge Ride

Thanks to everyone that contributed by sending pictures to me of the past weekends riding. Here are some of them, more in the Photo Gallery 2012.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Busy weekend

This past weekend started off at 8.00 am on Saturday meeting up for a 600 kms round trip to the beautiful little town of Killarney for their famous Fish n Chips. I personally had never been here before so was very excited about the ride and also to rate these famous Fish n Chips which I would have to put at a 5 Star rating.
Next day was a Picnic Ride to the covered bridge in West Montrose organised by Ron Hare. Many thanks to Ron for picking out the best and safest route for us. Little rain on the way home which for me was a pleasant relief from the hot and humid temperatures. Always more pictures in the Photo Gallery 2012.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

More pictures of recent events and activities.

Thanks to some of our members sending in pictures of recent events. Let's start with Ride for Dad.

Then there's Blanka on her trip north including tying down for the ferry ride.

How about Friday the thirteenth in Port Dover.

Sprucedale ride with that crazy corner that somebody mis-judged who hopefully can remain nameless.

and finally Wasaga Beach on a real warm evening.

Thanks everyone that contributed these pictures, even more can be seen by clicking on Photo Gallery 2012.

Cooling off at Wasaga Beach

28 bikes and about 30 members decided to cool off a bit at Wasaga Beach last evening. It's a real pleasure to see so many ladies now riding with our Chapter whether on their own bike or as a passenger. Great job everyone and a beautiful ride along the shoreline of Geogian Bay to Balm Beach. Thanks to Beverley for some of the pictures. More can be seen by clicking on Photo Gallery 2012.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sprucedale and Back

Another great turnout for the ride to Sprucedale along Muskoka 2 and hwy.518 to Tally Ho Road. Also nice to see so many ladies gracing our Chapter now. I wish to apologize to everyone on this ride for my reading one corner on Muskoka 2 totally wrong and taking it at a speed that was inappropriate. This is a good time to remind everyone that you each own the ride and should ride at a speed that you are each comfortable at. Thanks Brian for the pictures.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Circle Lake Muskoka Ride

Last Wednesday evening 22 bikes showed up to circle around Lake Muskoka in perfect weather conditions. A special thanks to all the ladies that turned out which always improves the look of our Chapter. Also thanks to Steve who led the ride on one of our best Wednesday nights rides of the year.
Might I just add that Steve never ever gets lost, just occasionally isn't quite sure where he is. However, that little blunder involving an about face was executed like the professionals we've all become. Great job. More pictures in the Photo Gallery 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

One Moose and three Deer

Seemed like the perfect day for 18 bikes to ride across to the lovely town of Haliburton for a lunch stop. One Moose and three Deer were spotted during the day's ride, could it get any better than that. Four new members were welcomed to the Chapter and did a splendid job of group riding, which I believe was a new experience for them. Well done.
Thanks to Bud and Doreen that watched our back during the ride, also to Blanka for organizing the lunch stop by calling ahead to advise them of twenty hungry people arriving. Pictures were provided by Brian I, thanks Brian. More pictures by going to the Photo Gallery 2012.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Record high temperatures

With record high temperatures, we had a record number of members turn out last Wednesday evening for an ice cream run to Big Shute. Then along the twisty South Bay Road and on to Honey Harbor for a brief stop by Georgian Bay before heading home. More pictures as always by clicking on the Photo Gallery 2012. Thanks Erin for the pictures.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bikers Reunion 2012

Another great year in New Liskeard at the Bikers Reunion. Weather was very kind to us again with just a few drops of rain at supper time one evening. This event gets better every year with more vendors, great entertainment and 5 bike manufacturers offering demo rides the whole weekend. Our Chapter took it's usual ride into Quebec on Saturday splitting into two groups, one short ride of 180 kms while the other group took a longer ride. Great company.