Monday, June 14, 2010

Yellow Ribbon Ride

   Thanks to eleven member's with nine bikes that showed up last Sunday for an early morning departure from Arby's for the trip down to Base Borden on the Yellow Ribbon Ride. The morning started out looking quite crappy but the Dopplar Radar on this "Message Board" showed all the rain way to the south of us. Net result was a great riding day that just got better, finally ending in clear blue skies.
   Jim Wright lead the Chapter on a delightful ride along the Niagara Escarpment stopping for a brief time at the "Look Out" over Collingwood and surrounding area. Lunch at the Angus Legion was a real treat with a 5 star hamburger, potatoe salad and coleslaw which was included in the registration.
   Two winner's in our Chapter for the door prizes were Ron Hare who won a Harley Davidson key fob and myself that won an umbrella, great sun shade.
   Here is a picture of the group minus Larry Whitehead, sorry Larry, I guess you were hanging out behind a tree or something. See more pictures in the Gallery, including Larry.


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