Saturday, May 7, 2011

Base Borden Spring Warm Up.

Ten members showed up this morning for the Base Borden Spring Warm Up. By the time we arrived, the course was already set out for anyone to test their slow riding skills, great job to all those that took part. This was followed by the blessing of the bikes and riders by the Base Padre, he made a comment that for all those that had the blessing last year and didn't drop the bike, it must have worked.
Hot dogs were $1 and hambugers $2, and that included a can of pop or bottle of water, what a deal. Jim Wright had organized a trip around the military museum which I personally found very interesting, lots of old trucks, motorcycles, engines, small arms, one CF 5 and much more. All these artifacts in excellent condition. I even found an old tank engine that was made at Tilling Stevens in Maidstone, England. This was the town I lived in during WW11 and later worked in a division of this same company.

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