Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekend Rides Sucssefully Enjoyed

Ride to St Jacobs Mennonites market Saturday , although a little chilly requiring warm clothing, was well enjoyed. Followed by full Sun for the return trip. With stops at Placards Peanut outlet ,the covered bridge ( known as the kissing bridge. And view of the wind generators west of Shelburne.

Sundays ride to Barhead / tavern always a favorite stop , great food and laughs. Riding through the Maxwell area saw a parade of Mennonites horse drawn buggy's returning home from worship .Had an extended view of the Nottawasaga Bay while descending down the escarpment behind pavement marking crew. Coffee stop in Elmvale before the completion of the homeward trip. The fuel tax lotto winning ticket # 263281 John Whittingham

                                   St Jacobs Market
                             West Montrose (kissing bridge)
                              wind generators Shelburne
                        Barhead some started ahead of the rest


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