Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ride to Sprucedale

Last Sunday's ride turned out to be the RIDE of the YEAR. A quick trip up the highway to Huntsville where we had the first stop at Tim Horton's. From there it was a spirited ride north along Muskoka Road 2 right into the village of Sprucedale for lunch at the only eating place in town. With 13 of us to feed, there's always going to be one of us that gets served last, this week was Darrell's turn who finally received his lunch just as the rest of us had finished. Next leg was west on Muskoka Road 518, another twisty route taking us to just south of Parry Sound, then south on hwy. 69 to Bala, finally riding yet another twisty along Muskoka Road 13 and home. Round trip for me was 350 kms. on some of the best roads we have to offer, must do this trip again for some of you that missed this memorable day.

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