Monday, August 20, 2012

Barrhead Grill

The first attempt at the ride to Markdale for lunch at the Barrhead Grill was thwarted by one rider with a totally dead battery. Second attempt was last Sunday with possible rain showers predicted later in the afternoon and almost another breakdown before we even got off Old Barrie Road. Good news is that the near breakdown was just a Harley cough and the predicted rain showers just didn't happen although the skies over Georgian Bay looked real heavy. Ron lead the ride for all the pretty parts, so thanks Ron and also Wally who took care of our collective butts at the back. More pictures of this ride and all the others by clicking on Photo Gallery 2012 on the right side of this page.
BY THE WAY.... Are you really reading all this stuff, not noticed anyone making any comments. You can do this easily by clicking on the "No Comments" at the bottom of any of the posts. I, for one would really like to see some input here. keep it clean though, please.

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