Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wednesday Ride with a Twist

This past Wednesday evening we were treated to a surprise ride by Ron Hare to Wrico Holstein Dairy farm near Midhurst.
This is scientific dairy farming at it's best. A family run enterprise that is run by computer generated robotics, from automated feeding, milking and cleaning of waste to the occasional back scratch and a water bed to rest on. This is truly a lifestyle that I've been looking for myself and never found yet.
This was most certainly a ride with a twist and something we should try to do more of, so get your collective thinking hats on everyone and come up with more great ideas like this one.

Thanks to Bev and also my Granddaughter Erin for the pictures, many more by clicking on Photo Gallery 2012 on the right side of this page and please try clicking on the "Comment" at the bottom of each post. It's a bit complicated but let me know if you have problems.


  1. Another great ride with Southern Cruisers. Surprising evening that was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

    1. Thanks Beverley for the comment and the great pictures.
      Look forward to many more rides with you before the season comes to a close.